Explorer heads to a galaxy far, far away

Explorer heads to a galaxy far, far away


The team checks out the hotly anticipated video game Kinect Star Wars.


Darth Vader was roaming around Dubai this week. Did you see him?

The Star Wars celebrity was in the emirate promoting the launch of Xbox 360’s new game Kinect Star Wars – and Explorer was there to meet him. While he didn’t have much to say (although it was clear to see he’s an Explorer fan – check him out with our Dubai Map above!), Explorer’s Derrick and Rachel were among the VIPs that got to test the game before anyone else in the UAE.

Check out the results in our video:


Kinect Star Wars allows fans to fulfil their destiny as a Jedi as they face a threat that could undermine the very fabric of the Republic. Players can wield a light sabre and master the use of the Force in combat, pilot iconic ships and vehicles, rampage as a vicious Rancor monster, or even dance with iconic Star Wars characters. 

The game is out now from Dhs.199.

Posted on: Apr 09, 2012