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Special Needs Education

The Kuwait government extends financial support to Kuwaiti children requiring special needs education. There are centres and schools for children with physical and learning difficulties, and most are open to expatriate children. Home schooling programmes are not easily available. There are a number of organisations catering for children with disabilities, and some of the mainstream schools have dedicated special needs units.
• Bayan Bilingual School (531 5125, www.bbs.edu.kw) has limited facilities for children with special needs.
• The Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching (484 5221) carries out assessments of all children with learning difficulties.
• The Conductive Education School Kuwait (CESK) (473 4370, www.kees.org) provides different levels of education and support to children with conditions including cerebral palsy, dyslexia, spina bifida, Asperger’s Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.
• Dasman Model School (243 0607) has a special needs department providing extensive facilities for a wide range of support requirements, including ADHD.
• Ideal Education School (240 3668, www.idealeducationschool.com) prepares individual programmes for children with autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, ADD, speech and behaviour disorders and hearing impairments.
• The Khalifa School (256 1839) caters for children with a wide range of conditions including autism, cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome.
• Kuwait Centre for Autism (254 0351, www.q8autism.com) offers a number of programmes for autistic children as well as support to the parents of an autistic child – the Autistic Children Parents Support Group meets here.
• Kuwait English School (KES) (561 4470, www.kes-kw.com) has a Green Unit which provides individual programmes for 50 children ranging from 3½ to 18 years of age. Green Unit children need to have a minimum IQ of 70 and have mobility; the unit is not geared up for severely physically disabled children.
• Kuwait National English School (KNES) (265 6904, www.knes.edu.kw) has a special needs department offering assistance to children with learning difficulties. Each child in the unit has a programme tailor-made to their specific requirements.
Additional clubs and schools include Kuwait Club for the Deaf (256 3204), Kuwait Association for the Blind (565 4105) and Kuwait Dyslexia Association (487 7394 ext.116).
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